sign language media artist art, poetry, calligraphy, storytelling, performance, sign language


Mother and Daughter: wire art

"Jolanta in ASL" (2017). Approx 8.5"x3.5" steel+copper wire. March 2017.

My very first artwork using a wire. It's my name written in ASL (American Sign Language).

"Mother's and Daughter's Hands" (2017). Approx 11"w x 10h" steel+copper wire. March 2017.

My second artwork using a wire. The little hand and foot are the actual size of my daughter's when she was about 5.5 months old. This work was created at the time she was six years old.

This wire art is hanged on the wall next to the handprints of the mother (myself) and my daughter. The edge of the wall shows the lines and dates of the growth of my daughter's height up to six years. This wall is located in the corner of my mini-studio, one of few studios.