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"Pulsing Collectively"

Environmental awareness is the theme of this poetry performance Pulsing Collectively. The language in this performance was ASL/Ameslan with an interpreter provided in spoken English.

The paper-based, barbwire-like chain handmade out of the familiar dictionary (used in several performance arts) circled around on the floor along with loose flower leaves. There were a torn dictionary and a plastic bag of water with a goldfish in it inside the circle.

Each viewer was asked to write down a single word on a torn piece of the dictionary paper. A single word is what is the most important thing or word to them. Everyone's centered heart is diverse, yet they all are united in diversity.

The performance artist myself performed some poetry and narrated a few pointers around the circle about some ironies of the nature of environmental events.

The performance artist asked the audience, "who is willing to take the responsibility of healing a broken cycle? Who will be willing to take care of this goldfish after this performance art?" Somebody did.

Some guy took the goldfish home to take care of it.

Video of this performance is available.