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Studio in my MFA days

Tour in my MFA studio near NSCAD University in 2006.

The top floor of a building near NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was rented by the university, for MFA students. There were some studio rooms on the floor that I remember: one small "corner" studio, one room studio, and a very large, spacious studio for several MFA students to share in "cubicles".

MFA studio overseeing harbour and sea

In my second last year, I was fortunte to get a nice studio all to myself. One can enjoy viewing the harbours and sea. This was the last year of contract between the university and the owner before it was renovated into a condo.

The TV monitor in the lower, right corner is a videophone with a cable reserved for videophone use, separated from the university's Internet system. The university provides wonderful accessibility supports that I was fortunate to have.

Another studio (next room) in my first year before I got the better studio room in my second year. In this photo, it's the hidden corner of the studio room where I painted for my informal performance art.