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Art of Speedskating: a video art

During my art college year, my part-time job was to record professional speedskaters at the University of Calgary's Olympic Oval.

There, I was also mesmerized by the aesthetic aspect of speedskating: its graceful movement, dancing turn, musical glide, ... I had to put this job aside for a day for my art. With my employer's permission, I came to the rink ground with a pass to record freely for my own creative project.

Artist: Jolanta Lapiak.
6.11 minute video.
Calgary, 2003.

My poetic video is arranged in a theme from the ritual of preparation and mental rehearsal, the graceful and artistic drills, finally to an outburst of the competition. It dances in a poetic narrative between the images of mental rehearsal in a surrealistic color and the real-life actions in a regular color from the preparation to the start gun to the victory and disappointment.

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