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Death Around the Corner: a video narrative

Just for fun. Sometimes when it comes to an ordinary, everyday activity, I wanted to splash an artistic or poetic idea on it. One idle summer day, an opportunity arised.

"Dead Around the Corner" (2004) by literary media artist Jolanta Lapiak.
4:31 minute video.
Calgary, Alberta. Spring 2004.

My father found a wasp nest on his backyard fence. He was going to remove it. Wait a minute, I wanted to make a video narrative of his action. He agreed to collaborate in my project. To my delight, he exaggerated his spontaneous, improvising "performance".

Death Around the Corner is a humorous, exaggerating narrative video; on the other hand, there is also a poignant side to it about approaching death just around the corner. It can happen to any being at any moment in life.