sign language media artist inter-art, media, video, poetry, calligraphy, storytelling, performance, sign language


and/or: MFA thesis exhibition

MFA Thesis Exhibition: solo exhibition.
Anna Leonowens, Halifax.
March 20-24, 2007.

During the period of 2005-2007, my MFA thesis inspects logocentric tradition of textuality in art and literature. My work is related to my research on Derrida in the contexts of logocentrism and phonocentrism.

Sign language is the pivot of deconstructing traditional notions of writing, speaking, poetry and other literary aspects. Through visual-manual language, I intend to undermine the division between literary and artistic forms. I seek to create complementarity and/or uncertainty, like a Mobius strip, among dichotomies, such as looking and reading, speaking and writing, gesture and language, word and image, and so on.

Exploring techniques, mediums and processes in media writing (grammatology) continues in my work. With my body as a notating instrument, I explore multi-dimensional writing with a unique blend of cinematic devices/vocabulary, choreography, calligraphy and poetics in four-dimensional language. The result is a hybridization of speaking, writing, dancing, and performing that manifests as digital prints, performances and videos.

Related: Arche-Writing Performance: a live one-time performance as part of this exhibition at the opening of my exhibition week.