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Dandelions, 2006

The Dandelions is an experimental poem, using cinematographic techniques integrating visual-spatial words, images, and video.

Jolanta Lapiak
Screenshot from 2.05min vdeo, 720x480px NTSC
Edmonton/Halifax, Canada

In my series of videos between 2005 and 2007, I wore black attire including black mask and gloves that represent myself as text as in word rather than image, to emphasize my language as text.

Inspired by the version of American Deaf poet Clayton Valli (1951-2003)'s Dandelions (1970s/1980s?), the experimental video poem Dandelions (2006) was created. In this creation, I explored the cinematic devices in both video editing and signed language.

In Dandelions, the cinematographic techniques and and signed words are integrated since both share the same visual-spatial space.