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"Locks of Love"
Jolanta Lapiak
Performance art at Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival, 2008.
Bangkok, Thailand.

This performance was dedicated to a Japanese who donated her hair to the Locks of Love organization. It promotes awareness of cancer and children. Initially, I was honoured to be invited to cut her hair; instead, I decided to invite her to come to the festival in Thailand and give her a performance.

In the opening, I cut a piece of my hair to create a brush. Then I chose a first observer in the audience to cut a piece of her hair and invited her to dip in ink with my hairbrush and write something on the rice roll paper. The person then taped her piece of hair on the rice paper. Then I invited her to choose the next person who in turn chose (sometimes chased) the next one till the last one wrote the last amusing message "stop this war". Finally, the Japanese and I invited two persons to cut her long hair to be donated to "Locks of Love".

Asami from Japan.