sign language media artist inter-art, media, video, poetry, calligraphy, storytelling, performance, sign language


Artist Statement

Art, Literature, and Life

My works are basically about "language + media = creation". Of all creations, my three largest works are 1) (25+ year project), 2) ASL language acquisition documentation (5 year project), 3) phonocentrism deconstruction. The rest of works are video art, performance art, paintings, drawings, and "here-and-there".

My works challenge the phonocentric traditions of textuality and poetry. My work explores artistic and literary elements using ASL (American Sign Language) in inter-art, video, narrativity, poetry, calligraphy, and performance art.

Performativity, Arche-writing, and "Arche-speaking"

Through sign language art, my works explore grammatology (art/science of writing) and various ways of writing/speaking with a unique blend of cinematic vocabulary, lingual choreography, verbal calligraphy, poetry, and storytelling techniques, using ASL.

My body is the primary writing instrument. In arche-writing, my body in performance scribes in the air with or without materials. Video is not regarded for me as traditionally image-producing; rather, it is treated as a multi-dimensional, digital-temporal paper to scribe on. Surfaces, for me, are the materials that capture a trace of language.

Note: by the term "speaking," I am not referred to "vocally speaking;" rather, it is defined as a verbal form, whether its modality is visual-manual or vocal-auditory (known as sign language and speech language, respectively).


deconstruction and reconstruction of language, performativity, poetry, verbal calligraphy, textuality, language art, lingual choreography, cinematic vocabulary, literary art, narrative, photocalligraphy, Derrida, logocentrism, arche-writing, grammatology, trace, erasure, palimpsest.


video, web, performance, text, presentation, animation, photography, mixed media.

Signature of Work


i = imagery, the fractal language of all languages

8 = the quantum (existence) and lotus (creative intuition) tie a knot in infinity of subjective truth and its objective existence as inseparable as yin and yang.

media = my works.

Jolanta Lapiak
Verbal Calligraphy, 2006
Screenshot from video.