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Spring Dawn: ASL calligraphy

This translated poem in ASL by the artist is based on Meng Hao-jan's poem (originally in Chinese). Below is the approximate translation in English (by unknown).

Sleeping in spring, unaware of the dawn,
Then everywhere I hear birds singing.
Last night, the sound of wind and the rain --
Flowers have fallen, I wonder how many.

The work Spring Dawn (2010) was inspired by Meng Hao-jan's poem. The literary media artist Jolanta Lapiak translated the English version of Meng Hao-jan's Chinese poem into ASL and into one-of-a-kind, innovative, never-seen-before mediums, both in print and video.

Jolanta Lapiak
ASL calligraphy, 2010

There may be some missing poetic features in original Chinese poem when translated into English. Interesting, the symmetry rhymes and other poetic devices arise in ASL poem that Jolanta re-created.

photograph print on fine paper with archival pigment ink. Accompanied with DVD of the short below as shown below (demo). Contact the artist for ordering a print accompanied with a DVD.