sign language media artist inter-art, media, video, poetry, calligraphy, storytelling, performance, sign language



Literary media arche-creator/artist/artivist, media/performance poet, performance artist; traveller and dreamer; Ameslan/ASL.

Aspirations and interests

Sign language and linguistics; cultural studies; visual-performative poetry; Eastern philosophy and art, travel.

ASL poet, poetry
Obidos, Portugal.


Jolanta Lapiak is an Ameslan (American Sign Language) literary media artist, narrator, and poet in video, performance art, digital art, photography, and text.

Born and raised multiculturally, she had lived in multiple cities in Canada and the U.S. and Europe, in addition to travels and sojourns aboard. Jolanta has presented, exhibited, and performed nationally and internationally.

Her works challenge phonocentric traditions of textuality and poetry. Her work explores artistic and literary elements in ASL, grammatology (art/science of writing) and various ways of writing/speaking (in ASL) with a unique blend of cinematic vocabulary, lingual choreography, verbal calligraphy, poetry, and storytelling techniques, using ASL. Her works are inspired by Japanese art (calligraphy, specifically).

Jolanta received a MFA in Media Arts from NSCAD University, Halifax, N.S., 2007, and a BFA with Distinction in Media Arts & Digital Technologies from Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), Calgary, 2005. She also earned a BA with Distinction from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.