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More is Not Enough: a video poetic performance

Artist: Jolanta Lapiak.
4:22 minute video, audio music; ASL only.
Calgary, 2003.

More is Not Enough is an adapted Zen story, translated from a text of the short Zen parable into a video-based visual poem and ASL performance, about a stonecutter who is envious of the other other, who in turn is envious of the other and so on, in a loop. This illustrates that as everything is interconnected, it is futile to envy of a greener pasture. A janitor is as important as a lawyer; each has its own essential power or value in its own position.

Shortly after making the video of ASL, I had no intention of adding any sort of audio to this video like all of my videos. My college friend played didgeridoo, a musical instrument. I thought of an experiment.

My experiment is that since my friend didn't know ASL and I invited her to create an original music piece to be added to my video. As she was uncertain because she didn't know ASL, I suggested her to follow the rhythms of ASL signing.

In the studio, I set up a sound recorder and a video screen. First, she watched my video to get a sense of the rhythms and movements in ASL. Then she practiced playing her large didgeridoo while watching the video. When she was ready, her music was recorded and added to the video.

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